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Creative Experts e.V is a non governmental organization and open ideas
platform for people that see the world as one.
A platform that enables individuals to introduce their ideas to the public and
find others who want to join them in order to realize these ideas and turn them
into actual products or services, be they commercial or not. And a platform that
offers the tools to do that.
We believe that open ideas and the creativity of the swarm is more beneficent
to both the individual and society than the obscurity of corporations and the
greed-driven politics of their leaders.
We believe in cooperation rather than competition and in transparency and
openness rather than in secrecy.
We support equality and despise hierarchies, ranks and titles.
CX does not only invite highly skilled experts from certain fields, but everybody.
Because everybody can be creative once they get the chance to and everybody is
an expert at something, regardless of their age, education, experience or
We see CX as an open idea itself, a suggestion for a possible development of an
economical future that is based on reason and freedom and not on the madness
that rules our world, work and lives today.
We are aware of global changes in the world of technology, free knowledge, and
communication and we believe that a step in to a new epoch has to be taken as a
chance to rethink and to adopt the new approaches for global responsibility:
people and nature balance.
We believe that personal development is a life long process and this perception
is awareness in the ways of human growing in generations society of exchange.
We are individuals for “simple basics“ for all with consciousness for life long
personal development as a creative process with social responsibility and love
for life.
Being creative and cooperating with others are both fundamental human needs.
CX is our approach to satisfy these needs for ourselves, you and everybody else.

© cx e.V
ola lewin


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